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5 Pasalubong Stops to Make in Lucban

Heading to Lucban? Don’t forget to take home these treats

Photos by Jovel Lorenzo

Lucban is one of the country’s culinary destinations and one might be surprised that there is more to it than its famous longganisa. Aside from a diverse set of restaurants, Lucban’s culture of food and hospitality extends to the homes of their visitors in the form of pasalubong.


Here are some treats you can take home from your trip:


  • Campita’s Tikoy


Lucban has a different take on tikoy. Campita’s Tikoy in particular has a taffy-like consistency with a sweet caramel taste. The best part about it is you don’t have to fry it before eating.

Campita’s Food Products is located at 115 Don. V. Cadelina St., Lucban, Quezon


  • Eker & Ely’s Longganisa


Eker & Ely’s is said to be the best makers of Lucban longganisa, which they have been making for the past 60 years. The recipe is a well-guarded family secret and they even use the same bamboo poles to hang their succulent sausages from.  

Eker & Ely is located at Candazo St., Lucban, Quezon


  • Pavino’s Broas


There is such a thing as melt-in-your mouth broas or lady fingers – and they’re from Pavino’s Broas. They make broas that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside made with a recipe that’s been kept for 4 generations. The texture is also the result of cooking it the old-fashioned way: inside a big brick-oven.

Pavino’s Bakery is located at Lucban-Sampaloc Road, Lucban, Quezon


  • Vener’s Puto Seko


Vener’s Puto Seko is not chalky like the puto seko we knew. Theirs are cut into square bite-sized pieces with a sawdust-like consistency. According to the family, it’s best to smother it with butter and douse a piece in cola before eating it.

Vener’s Food Industries, Quezon Ave. czor. Mabini St., Lucban, Quezon


  • Pancit Miki of Old Center Panciteria


If you’re planning to create your own version of Pancit Hab-hab, visit Old Center Panciteria and take home their oven-dried noodles. The restaurant also serves other local noodle dishes like Pancit Habhab, Pancit Bihon Guisado, and Pancit Chami.

Old Center Panciteria is located at 85 San Luis st, Lucban, Quezon