Enjoy a golden dining experience with Zomato Gold

Zomato Gold Powerpacks

Zomato now has a golden reason for more people to eat out and spend more time with families and friends. Introducing Zomato Gold, your latest passport to all the cities’ famous restaurants and bars!

Zomato Gold was introduced in 23 cities worldwide, bringing with it an extensive list of dining spots and exclusive deals that members are currently enjoying. Jakarta and Manila prove to be the ‘foodiest’ of all places which currently hold the most number of gold members.

The famous food search and discovery service app brings exclusive deals from over 1,200 Gold partner restaurants. The new service has proven so popular that Zomato Gold now has 100,000 members worldwide!

Zomato Gold restaurant partners are a result of tireless research and bringing together customer response via constant company feedback. And based on the company’s studies, it was discovered Zomato Gold’s unique selling proposition is what attracted new members in the first place!

Introducing Gold Powerpacks

At the heart of the new service is Gold Powerpacks which ‘unlock’ packs that members can purchase based on dining out habits. What’s more, they do not expire!

If you don’t eat out very often or are unsure of how many times you will end up using Gold over a fixed period of time or simply just want to test what Gold is, then the Gold Powerpack is for you. Become a member by purchasing a starter pack of three unlocks.

This pack allows members to use member benefits — 2+2 on drinks or 1+1 on food — thrice at any Gold partner restaurant. These unlocks have no expiry date, which means you can enjoy the benefits when you want it!

If you would like more unlocks in your kit, there’s another option to upgrade to the ‘medium’ pack – 10 unlocks and again, no expiry. And if you’re a loyal Zomato Gold user, then the annual Gold membership plan offers members with unlimited usage! Just remember: The power is in your hands!

With Zomato Gold, you get to enjoy 1+1 on Food and 2+2 on Drinks in more than 600+ restaurants in Metro Manila, anytime, any day. And as an additional perk, you may find yourself dining with your favorite Zomato Gold Ambassador! For more information, visit the Zomato Philippines instagram at @zomatoph to find out how to join!