Phoebe Walker Goes the Distance

The "Seklusyon" actress talks about churches, good omens and how life has changed since we last spoke.

The last time we saw Phoebe Walker was after she won on Amazing Race Philippines Season 2, also the time when she gamely got on a Vespa for the cover of our January 2015 issue. With a Best Supporting Actress award to her name from the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), the “Seklusyon” actress talks about churches, good omens and how life has changed since then.

Tell us about the shoot locations for Seklusyon.

We shot around Pililla, Rizal and around Laguna. The Seklusyon house was located in Pililla near the windmill farm so it was pretty high up.

Did you have a chance to go around?

We got lost so that’s the only chance we had to explore. Most of the time, we were just on set waiting for our scenes. It was nice especially in the big church scenes. We got to see really beautiful old churches. I have a strong faith so it’s always a nice experience seeing churches. It’s one of the landmarks that I always want to go to whenever I travel.

Photo by Jovel Lorenzo
Photo by Jovel Lorenzo

You recently traveled to Macau?

Yes, it was the first-ever Macau Film Festival. We got to represent the Philippines and we were the only Philippine delegation in that festival. It was an honor and it was good for our team because that happened before MMFF so we got to bond.

Was it your first time in Macau?

No, but it was my first time to go there to promote a film. I go to Macau every once in a while because my father is based there. That’s where he works. I have to go to Hong Kong because I’m a citizen and I sometimes do a side trip to Macau because it’s just a ferry ride away.

What are your usual stops whenever you’re in Macau?

The tourist attractions like San Malo, Old Taipa and St. Paul’s Ruins. Whenever I’m there, my dad tours us around.

Photo by Jovel Lorenzo
Photo by Jovel Lorenzo

Travel plans for 2017?

I’m going to see Coldplay in Japan by April and then my dad wants me to go with him on his work-related trip to Sapporo. Also, we’re going to visit my family from my dad’s side in England by June.

Do you go to England often?

I was born and raised in Hong Kong but I go to England every 3 years because we need to see family over there, too. It’s not as often as we like because it’s quite far. Hopefully, we get to go in June for a few weeks.

What’s a memorable place for you in England?

I’d say Halifax because that’s where our house used to be. I have a lot of memories there playing in the backyard where we had a playpen.

What would be your idea of a perfect vacation?

I would like to be in an entirely different scenery. I find the views of ancient cities like Athens and European cities like Prague beautiful. In England, a good example would be Haworth. I read a lot of Charlotte Bronte when I was growing up and it would be so nice to see in person the places I read in books. I’m a romantic in that way.

Photo by Jovel Lorenzo
Photo by Jovel Lorenzo

What works of art have inspired you?

I’m a big fan of Paulo Coelho especially “The Alchemist”. I’ve read that book five times. It talks a lot about universality and trusting in omens. I’m the type of person who likes to ask for signs and they usually come in the form of a song. One funny story happened before the MMFF awarding. There was no official list of nominations so I was very anxious on the day of the awarding so I asked for a sign while I was in the shower. My TV was playing in the background and then the song “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie Moana came on. I took that as a sign that it will be a good night but I still didn’t want to expect.

What’s next for you?
I’m shooting a sitcom with Ms. Candy Pangilinan, Empoy, Fabio Ide, Ali Khatibi and many more called Happy House. That’s going to be on the Sari Sari Channel. I’m really happy how my 2016 started, how it ended, and how my 2017 is just starting.

This story appeared on Going Places’ February 2017 issue. Shot on location at The Good Seed.