Tagaytay ‘Secret Spots’ Every Weekend Traveler Must Try

Make the best out of your weekend with these unspoiled spots you must visit in Tagaytay while enjoying its great weather and a perfect view of Taal.


JOV_8740.JPG kim

Located on the ground floor of One Tagaytay Place, Amacena serves Filipino cuisine with a contemporary approach. Try some of their classic fares like the Tawilis Pizza with kesong puti, Sizzling Bulalo Steak, Tawilis fried rice with salted egg, Dinakdakang Chicharon and Belgian Choco Eruption (a cake with decadent Belgian chocolate)



445 Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Barrio Sunggay West,

Tagaytay City, Philippines


2.Lime & Basil Thai Restaurant


If you’re looking for some refreshing experience visit Lime & Basil. Offering a fresh view and serving Thai eats, a garden slash restaurant offers fresh from the garden to your table meals. Try some of their quintessential fares like Kaprao Moo (minced beef with egg), Gai Thod (chicken wings with tamarind glaze), Geng Ped Pet Yang Kai Khem (duck curry) and Pla Jud Juaramit or fried pompano.


Address :

9014 J Rizal St. Barangay Sicat, Alfonso, Cavite

Alfonso, Cavite



3.Purple Owl

Purple Owl
Photo from Purple Owl

Originally an events place, Purple Owl is the best place whether for a romantic date or just a movie night. It offers a rustic ambiance and Instagram-worthy interiors serving family owned comfort food recipes. If you’re looking for exclusivity this place in Tagaytay is best for you. If you’re planning to visit here you’ll have to book 3 days prior to your visit.


Address :

Gardenia Loop, Villa Pura

Tagaytay City, Philippines


4.The Dining Room at Gourmet Farms

Dining Room
Photo from Dining Room at Gourmet Farms

The Dining room at Gourmet Farms is one of the best places if you’re looking for some healthy eats. It offers Mediterranean cuisine using organic products from their own farm. Try their Salad Bar, Signature Lemonade made with fresh basils and lemons and Nero D Seppie (Squid Ink Pasta).


Address :

Km. 52 Aguinaldo Highway, Buho Silang, Cavite City

+63 46 414-1049


5.Don Limone Grill

DOn Limone
Photo from Metro Tagaytay Times

After finishing the main course head to Don Limone Grill for their famous cheesecakes. Don Limone Grill offers Mediterranean dishes and famous for its unique flavors of cheesecake like its best seller Limoncello Cheesecake. Also, try their Hummus en Fuego, Steamed Mussels Puttanesca, and Chicken Espetada.



4870, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, Mendez Crossing East, Tagaytay

6. Chateau Hestia

A Love Triangle: A trio of mousse au chocolat, panna cotta, and mango napoleon.

Part bed and breakfast, part serene garden, Chateau Hestia is an all in one place in Tagaytay offering flavors of Europe. Try some of Chateau Hestia’s best offerings like  Italian Cheese, Austrian and German Sausage platter, pizzas and steaks. When visiting Chateau Hestia, don’t forget to try their dessert called Love Triangle. Think of it as three different baes: You love them all so much, you don’t know which one you like the most.


J. Hernandez St. Purok 5, Bukal, near Tagaytay,

Silang, Cavite