Enjoy La Maripili’s Authentic Spanish-style churros in Manila

No need to go to the south of Spain to have a taste of authentic churros – you only need to drive to the south of Metro Manila.

“What we pride ourselves most is that we do things by the book,” said Nuki Balaguer, one of the partners behind La Maripili. “What you get here is what you’ll get in Madrid or any other good old-fashioned churreria in Spain.”

But what, or in this case, who is Maripili?

“Maripili is a name that’s typical in the south of Spain. It’s a name short for Maria Pilar,” explained Nuki. “In Spain, you automatically think of a woman who is bit stout and knows how to cook and fry well. It’s the equivalent of the Filipino’s Inday.”

Another aspect to the restaurant’s name is a personal anecdote of Nuki’s partner, Luis Camos, a well-known restaurateur in Spain.

“When he was very small, his parents would take him to a churreria and the name of the woman who owned it was Maripili,” she said.

La Maripili’s churros come in different varieties. The classics are available in small, medium and large sizes and can be eaten with their version of hot chocolate – pure organic cocoa sourced from Davao.

There are the coated churros – dark chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut, and white chocolate drizzled with all-natural strawberry or mango syrup.

Then there are the cream-filled ones – Catalan Cream (a cream typically seen in the north of Spain), Mojito (you read that right), Coconut Cream, Chocolate and Chilo Mousse, Dulce de Leche and Vanilla Cream – made with imported flavorings from Spain.

There are also some off-the-menu items like the heavenly Mango Panna Cotta made with homemade jam. If you want something savory, La Maripili has savory churros and gourmet sandwiches on the menu as well.

La Maripili is located at the ground floor of Alabang Town Center Corporate Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa. Check out their Instagram @la_maripili.