Sembreak Ideas for the Barkada

School’s out and so should you! Here are some barkada-friendly ideas for a memorable sembreak:

  • Beaching in Zambales


Take a break from the city life by camping at popular beach spots in Zambales.


Pitch a tent and stay for a night in Anawangin or Nagsasa Cove in San Antonio or try out surfing at Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso.


  • Food crawl in Binondo


Explore the culinary wonders inside Manila’s Chinatown such as Ongpin Manosa Restaurant (1940) that serves Cantonese favorites like maki and siomai and New Toho Food Center established in 1888 where you can enjoy pancit canton and Chinese kikiam. You can also shop for fresh fruits, veggies, and hopia.


  • Bulalo and more in Tagaytay


Satisfy your craving for bulalo in Tagaytay where restaurants offer a variety of bulalo dishes like bulalo with dragonfruit and sinampalukang bulalo. Drop by Mahogany Market for some budget bulalo or splurge at Balay Dako one of the popular dining spots in Tagaytay.

Photo from Balay Dako official page

The climate also calls for a hot cup of coffee and there are plenty of cafes to choose from:  Concha’s Garden, Bag of Beans, or one of the two Starbucks branches that offer a great view of the lake.


  • Art appreciation at National Museum of Natural History


Visit the newly opened National Museum of Natural History, which houses the largest national repository of botanical/plant collection in the country, Philippine rocks, minerals and fossils.