5 Must-Haves For The Modern Traveler


Traveling is one of the awesome experiences you can ever do in your life. So, make the best out of it and make it as perfect and remarkable as possible. And to help make traveling fun, here’s a checklist of travel must-haves that you should place in your shop list:

  • Boots

Keep your feet safe while traveling with this comfortable and durable Doc Marten’s Newton 8-eye boot. It is light and easy to use which is perfect for long walks and excursions on incline terrains.  Visit www.drmartens.com or www.facebook.com/drmartensph for more information.


XNewton Cherry Red - 8990
XNewton Cherry Red2 - 8990


Newton 8-eye boot is part of Doc Marten’s lite collection which also includes Cavendish 3-eye sole and Edison Tassel Loafer.


  • Flats

Yosi Samra’s ballet shoes will keep you looking fashionable without causing you discomfort. Plus, it’s foldable and easy to carry, not a problem for space while packing light.




  • Smart Luggage
Photo from Bluesmart Labs


Smart luggage is very useful. It has an all in one feature that includes a charger, a speaker, and a GPS to help you never get out of the track with your valuables.



  • Underwater Cameras

The Canon WP-1 is a waterproof 35mm film camera. There is some discrepancy (in Amazon.com reviews) as to whether this camera is actually waterproof or merely weatherproof. I don't know why this is, since Canon's literature states pretty clearly that it's waterproof. I even went a step further and talked to a Canon rep, who confirmed it. At any rate, I took it swimming with me last weekend, and the inside was bone dry when I opened it up afterward. The picture quality is supposed to be excellent, although I haven't had my film developed yet. At the very least, it should be much better than those one-time-use waterproof cameras you get at the drug store, and you can get one almost as cheaply. The WP-1 is nearly identical to the Sure Shot A-1, but I don't know what the difference is, other than the color of the grip. Production of the WP-1 began in April of 1994. Technical specs can be found at Canon's website.

Of course, show everyone the seas you have conquered and the marine lives you met along your swim. Underwater cameras are perfect for capturing all your activities and your adventures under the sea.



  • Powerbank



Mobile phones are one of your best buds while traveling so don’t let your phone’s battery die. A power bank along your travel is very helpful to keeping your phone alive.