5 Exercises You Must Try While In A Long Haul Flight

Exercises you can do during your long flight to keep you in shape and safe.

Most great destinations require a long haul flight. Imagine, sitting in a chair for several hours as if you’re confined in a small box. For some, this can be stressful. And experts said that sitting for long hours can give your risk of incurring deep vein thrombosis or blood clot– common in the legs– and heart diseases. So to help you avoid that while enjoying your flight, we collate some helpful exercises you can do while on a long haul flight to keep you in shape and safe. Do this set twice or thrice during your flight.

Photo from unsplash.com/@choisyeon


  • Exercise #1: Tip and Toe

Put the heels of your foot on the ground while the balls of your feet up and hold it for five seconds. While holding this position stretch your feet. Then slowly put the ball of your feet down. Repeat this footwork for 10 times.


  • Exercise #2: Crossover Lift

Sit back then hold the arm chairs. Begin by lifting your left ankle and place it on your right leg. Lift your right leg then slowly move it down without touching the floor. Do it for three times before switching your legs.  


  • Excercise #3: Reach and Pull

Extend your arms upward. Stretch it and feel all the muscles relax and reflex. Then, using your right hand hold your left elbow then pull it gently to your right side. Hold it for 15 seconds. Then, repeat the exercise now with your left hand. Repeat the set for 5 times.


  • Exercise #4: Shoulders Roll

Start by lifting your shoulders up to the level of your jaws. Put them forward then downward and calmly put them backward creating a gentle circular motion. Repeat it for five times then after finishing it do it again for five times but now do it in reverse.


  • Exercise #5 : Neck Roll

Sit back and relax. Start rotating your head on your right shoulders then slowly drive it forward then to your left then back. Create a revolution and repeat it for 5 times. Feel your neck stretches from side to side.


**A friendly Reminder: Do these exercises while the people beside you are sleeping.


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