La Casita Mercedes: Makati’s vintage bed-and-breakfast

A colonial house is transformed into a charming bed-and-breakfast

The lobby
The lobby

La Casita Mercedes is unlike any other accommodation in Makati. This bed-and-breakfast was originally built in 1933 and was home to three generations of the same family before it was sold in 2013.

“I like preserving Philippine heritage. It was a nicely proportioned and detailed pre-war house,” said owner Jon Ramos. After an extensive renovation, the charming 7-room casita opened in 2015 and was given the name “Mercedes”, a popular Filipina name during the pre-war period.

Inside one of La Casita Mercedes' charming rooms
Inside one of La Casita Mercedes’ charming rooms

“The exterior wooden millwork, capiz windows, and architectural ornamentation are by and large original as is most of the wooden detailing inside. We had to adjust many things to make the house practical for modern living,” added Jon.

Pre-war colonial architecture
Pre-war colonial architecture

The painstaking harmony of such small details – from the vintage door knobs to the frock worn by the staff – give it character and serve as an homage to a bygone era.

This house may be small but it’s one that holds many great things – things that span time and distance – inside.

Photos by Jovel Lorenzo

La Casita Mercedes is located at 5956 Enriquez cor. Fermina Streets, Poblacion, Makati City; (+63) 02-887-4385 (+63)0977-726-0440