Here are Your August Finalists for the I ♥ Going Places Video Contest!

We asked you to share your most unforgettable travels, and you guys delivered.

Earlier this August, we launched the I ♥ Going Places Video Contest. Up for grabs: wonderful prizes from our partners Travel Club, R.O.X., and Grind.

August, the first month of for submissions, is over. We loved your submissions, and a lot of them blew us away. It was so hard to narrow the field down to these four August finalists:

1. Trip to Promise Land

Hana Yu

“This trip made me realize that belief should indeed be anchored in knowledge, and that every day is an opportunity to learn more about our great God. Being immersed in a different culture allowed me to gain respect and appreciation for others, I learned that we too, can also learn a lot of things from each other and that we may also inspire others to grow more, despite our differences. Great new relationships were definitely made during this trip!”

2. Project Gora

Milet Miranda

“August 2016 marks my 4th year in traveling & blogging. Your video contest allowed me to reminisce all the good and bad,exciting, boring ,funny and sad moments for the past years. I want to thank you the people behind this contest for giving me this opportunity.”

3. Life is an Adventure

Catherine Yia

“A slideshow of different places I’ve explored.”

4. Behold Bohol

Darelle Luntao

“Experience the jewel of the Philippines on a budget featuring its national heritage sites that will truly mesmerise you.”

5. #WRUAJ goes to Puerto Princesa, Palawan!

Anne Janelle Francisco

“This is our first mother- daughter bonding trip out of town, I’ve been saving a lot to be able to travel ( and treat my mom!) and this is the first of the many more trips to come!”

Stay tuned as we announce the August winner later this week!